About Our Team

"Free Web Directory 4 U" company was established in 2010. when three graduated computer technology students made a deal to start working on some business at technology field so after few weeks of thinking and planning FWD4U was born.

Here is some short information about their founders:

Thomas is a first one who came with idea of opening such a company like FWD4U. He's very motivated computer enthusiast and also like to play games a lot. He played them for whole childhood and after going to collage his main passion became computer and software related stuff. We can freely say Thomas is main founder of FWD4U company.

Alan was Thomas's colleague from same school but in different section. His speciality is graphic and web design. He is really talented mind when it's come to designing and creating stuff from scratch. Now he is main designer of our company and also teaching our other team of designers to expand our service.

Jeff is the one who Thomas met at the DigitalPoint tech forum. He is very skilled at marketing and advertising so is the big one for this kind of job and providing his knowledge for giving advertising and SEO services to customers

These three of founders made decision they will find potential people who wants to work jobs like these and made deal they will teach them so company can be bigger. Today Free Web Directory 4 U company has nine hard working team of people in all sections of computer technology and all are really motivated who works 8 hours per each working day and has their offices at our firm. At beginning we have our strict goal to become the best in our field and today we can proudly say we made it. If you need one of our services just contact us immediately and we will do our best to satisfy all your needs!