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FWD4U Team

"Free Web Directory 4 U" is your best choice if you want to hire professional programmers, hackers, computer technicians or web & graphic designers for very affordable price comparing to our very skilled and tech addicted workaholic team.

The name our company carries is because after we done successful business with our clients we can put your website link to our directory for free of charge! This is our innovative way of thanking to our customers for choosing our company for your needs. Every web master will be more then satisfied with free backlink to his site for sure, and that's why we decided to provide this freeby for you.

Our firm is located in New York, NY so if you need one of our services you can freely either visit us physically or send us an email message and one of our agents will immediately assist your queries. We are even available on Skype chat so as soon as you email us our agent will provide you his/her Skype ID to make easy conversation face to face with us if needed.

We are aware there are hundreds of companies on the internet like ours and each of them brag about their service like it's best of all others and these stuff. But we can show you some examples our developers team managed to make and you won't believe your eyes after you see what kind of applications are we capable to code.
Did you ever want to crack someones FB account maybe? Or just forgot your password which you couldn't remember so searched over web how to recover it? Ever heard of software which can hack facebook profile?
What if we tell you our talented coders helped above's site owners to make this application? Yes we did. You can even send them email and ask them if you don't believe us, but it's true.
Now when you can see by yourself what kind of tools we are capable to make, do you even have to choose between hiring us or someone else of our competitors? It's all your choice. We support your decision!